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About Us

The Arabian Horse awakened the artist in me and I have focused my talents on photography. As my knowledge grows so does my ability to capture the true soul of the animal I am photographing. My love for My Arabian Mare was my inspiration to photograph horses. My quest is to capture their true spirit and make it a piece of art for all to see. My enhanced photographs are designed to reach deep into the soul of the viewer so they can feel the true spirit of animal photographed. 

My Arabian mare, Dream, was a gift from a higher source. I waited 55 years for her to become a part of my life and she taught me the true meaning of friendship. Dream was the perfect portrait of the Arabian horse; intelligent, gentle, kind and willing to give 100% with every breath she took. Her beauty inspired me to pick up my camera. The end results have spurred me on to continue to try to capture the true spirit of these magnificant animals. She left me on July 12, 2006 after a quick illness resulting in surgery. Her passing is one of the most difficult times I have faced, but her memories, many captured in her photographs, will last forever in my heart.

This site is dedicated to Dream. My days without her are voids that only my photography can fill. I will forever seek to find and photograph the soul and spirit of each horse, dog or cat so they too can live forever in their owners life.